About Us

Easy alpaca shearing has traveled from east to west coast shearing and buying fiber. 

    Eric (owner and shearer) has witnessed the life of alpaca farming while working for four years at Serenity Farm Alpacas in Raywick, Kentucky, managing a herd of 200+ alpacas and processing fiber at our local mill. With thousands of animals shorn Eric continues to raise standards for quality shearing each season.

    We gently restrain the animals on a set of mats with ropes around both front and back legs. Then while shearing the animal, fighting teeth are being cut. After the animal is shorn incisors will be cut if needed. We allow time after animal is complete for owners to give shots if they want to do them.

*****Animals should be clean, dry, and penned close to the shearing station. Breeders are responsible for providing at least two able bodies. One to bring animals in, one to collect fiber.*****

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.